Become an Athlete

Equal Opportunity

When fitness brands recruit athletes to sponsor their brand, they only pick widely known athletes or people who have been in the fitness industry their whole lives. We plan to be different than most companies and give anyone the chance to be an athlete!


The only thing that Moti requires you to do is to offer something special that you can bring to the brand. Something that you think is unique and that other people would find interesting.

Ex: Did you recently lose 50 pounds? Do you want to tell your story to the world while losing weight? Anything goes!

How you apply

The applying process is super easy, the only thing you need to do is send us an email! You'll need to include a couple things in the email for sure, but feel free to express yourself however you like! You need to include: what you think is unique about you, what you think you could offer to the brand, your fitness goals, and any social media pages!

Email Address

Response Time

Please give us 24 hours for a response email, in the email we will send further instructions! Thank you!